Life in order

Studying the book of nehemiah has taught me some important lessons. First tough times find us all. Second we must be prepared for what God calls us to do in life. Sometimes he calls us to rebuild a entire city, sometimes he takes us away from our comfort zone. But, what makes us have a good life from a great life is sin. We let it creep into our life and take us down a road where we should not be. Nehemiah showed us that life can be changed. Life is hard. Life is rewarding when become obedient to God. Our life is chaos if we allow sin to cast us there. Nehemiah show’d us we need a plan. We need Gods support if we are to undertake great things. Following God requires action. We look at our middle class lives and say it is not too bad? But when God calls us to step out, we become foreigners in our own bodies. Sin then has a place to build itself and destroy us. Nehemiah showed us what faithfulness is all about. Sometimes as someone who is a foreigner we get taken advantage of. The sin clouds our heart and mind so we fail to respond to what God is telling us to do. Nehemiah shows us what a good inspection can do. As we begin reading nehemiah I challenge you to focus and begin your journey.

About pastordave43724

Husband, dad pastor of a small churches.
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